Monday, February 16, 2009

Senior Bowl Positional Detail: Safety

North Squad:

1. William Moore, 6-00.1, 223 lbs.- He really struggled all week long, and his ranking is falling fast. Doesn't have the size necessary to move to LB, although that could happen. Gets lost in coverage.
2. Patrick Chung, 5-11.1, 207 lbs.- He had an outstanding week, and showed great awareness and ball skills. He might not be the best athlete, but his preparedness is top notch. He's always where he needs to be.
3. Louis Delmas, 5-11.2, 197 lbs.- He's slowly moving up to the top of the safety class, although I remain skeptical. He is very good in coverage, although his ball skills need to improve. He needs to continue his good Sr.Bowl week with an outstanding combine to clinch the top spot, although this isn't the best class of safeties.
4. David Bruton, 6-01.6, 210 lbs.- Very good size, will have to see what his speed is. Always seems to be a day late and a dollar short, but I think he needs to move closer to the line, and be an "in the box" type.

South Squad:

1. Derek Pegues, 5-09.3, 193 lbs.- For his size, he likes to get his nose dirty. He has decent coverage skills, and can tackle.
2. Chip Vaughn, 6-01.0, 218 lbs.- He struggled in space with coverage, and didn't tackle well. He needs a good combine.
3. Michael Hamlin, 6-02.0, 207 lbs.- He's got a nice nose for the football, and makes plays. He's either a mid 2nd to an early third rounder.
4. Rashad Johnson, 5-11.4, 195 lbs.- Very experienced, very steady player with some ball skills. He makes plays. Solid second rounder.


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